Friday, June 29

Broadcasting Wimbledon

As included in this blog entry a few days ago, we followed a cable from the data entry specialist high above Court 18 all the way down to the IBM team in 'the bunker', in the depths of the Broadcast Centre.

Of course, that was just one cable linking just one data entry computer to just one server. There are numerous data entry teams, covering all the matches that are being played across all the courts. Every serve, return, double fault, ace, foot fault - everything, in fact - is captured and instantly sent to the IBM servers to process and turn into meaningful data.

Then there are all the cables that link the IBM machines to those that use the data - predominently the BBC and the website.

But by far the most numerous cables belong to the television companies that descend on SW19 during the Championships. And this year, there seem to be as many camera crews dashing around the grounds as there are tennis players.

The first of the following two videos looks at the some of the global teams and they explain why Wimbledon, more than any other Grand Slam, holds such an enduring appeal the world over - from Denmark to Japan.

This second video looks at one of the American broadcasters and shows the work they do during the two weeks of the Championships.
You need a lot of cables.

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