Monday, June 18

A Short History of Tennis...

Less than a week to go now...and as we start 'build week' at the All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC), and things start to get busy in and around the grounds, we've included a few more short videos clips for you.

In an interview for Croatian TV, Cameron Brown (author of Wimbledon: A Short History of Tennis, the Club, the Championships, the Village) gives some interesting history and insights about Wimbledon.

A couple of things I would say in response to Mr. Brown...people can still get into the grounds of an evening when other people leave; using some pretty straightforward I.T., the AELTC adopts a one-out, one-in policy and tickets can be re-used if the original ticket holder leaves before the end of play for the day. All money from the re-sale then goes to charity.

Also, when asked who was the last British player to win Wimbledon, Mr. Brown said it was Fred Perry. Now, Mr. Perry might have been the last Brit to win the Mens' Singles title...but what about the Ladies' title? Feel free to use the comment option below and reassure me I'm not going mad.

Oh and croquet isn't only played on the lawns of grand, old English houses. Just 98% of the time.

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