Saturday, June 30

Photos from around the grounds: Week one

 A small collection of photos from the first week of the Championships.
A line judge opens a can of fresh tennis balls
© Neil Tingle/AELTC
A chair umpire measures the net before a second round match
© Neil Tingle/AELTC
A service man stands on Centre Court
© Neil Tingle/AELTC
Fans on Henman Hill cheer on Roger Federer
© Tom Lovelock/AELTC
Security checks on Court 18 with a sniffer dog
© Neil Tingle/AELTC
Service personnel gather together
© Neil Tingle/AELTC
A ballgirl rolls a ball across court
© Jon Buckle/AELTC
Spectators gather on Day Five
© Matthias Hangst/AELTC
Rackets are re-strung in the racket stringers workshop
© AELTC/Tom Lovelock
Fans set up for the night for day four action
© AELTC/Tom Lovelock

More photos will be following soon...

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