Saturday, July 7

Crash Bang Wallop What A Picture

As I type, the world's sporting press are crowded around Centre Court, watching Serena Williams celebrate her victory over Agnieszka Radwanska in the Ladies' Singles Final.

But what about the photographers? This short video follows some around the grounds.

And I am sure that one of our own blogger team will echo the sentiments made by the final interviewee in the video. gypsum, globally-renowned for his breath-taking photos of all things large and small, is also the leading photo-processor for the website. This year, however, the workload put upon him to process all the photos submitted by the photographers has been overwhelming, and that is why he has been absent from the blog. His contributions have been sorely missed.

So, I can only image that gypsum agrees with the final official photographer in this video. When asked how many photos he has taken during the Championships, he replies, simply, thus:

"How many? Pictures? Two weeks? Too much! Too Much!".

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