Wednesday, July 4

Rufus flies again

That was a nervous couple of days I can tell you.  Were my nails bitten down watching Andy Murray battle into the night against Marcos Baghdatis?  Well yes they were however the news that Rufus had been 'stolen' caused extreme consternation.

In case you've been unconscious since last Friday, Rufus is a Harris hawk whose main responsibility is to gently persuade the pigeons of SW19 that they should flap off and build their nests somewhere else.  He vanished from his cage overnight and wasn't even wearing his radio transmitter so nobody knew where he was.  Fortunately Harris hawks are not often seen on Wimbledon Common so once spotted he was soon back with his owners, the Davis family.

Apart from a slight leg injury he appears to have come through his ordeal unscathed. After a day's rest and a few press conferences Rufus is back flying over Centre Court today.  We can only speculate as to the nature of his disappearance, perhaps the pigeons tried to organise a hit?

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