Thursday, June 21

Hosted on the cloud

I find this quite intriguing, we all talk about this notional cloud but it's actually really clever and conjures up all sorts of funny images in my head.

I borrowed a 'tablet device' from my husband quite some time ago.  I think he realised there was not much chance of me parting with it and so had a reasonable excuse to get a newer one.  I have become very attached to it and there seems to be no end to the things it can do.  And as for my phone, well being a phone is its most minor function since, amongst other things, it can act as a personal hotspot for the tablet. 

This year for the first time we will be able to access Live @ Wimbledon - that is live feeds from the courts!  So as long as you're connected then you can take the tennis with you wherever you are.

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