Saturday, June 23

Flamin' June: rain & court covers

The last Friday before the Championships begin is always a flurry of activity.

And amongst the fleets of white vans deliverying essential supplies and forklift trucks moving bulkier items all around the grounds, a few players wait for the rain to stop so they can get on court and practise. But then, as is so often the way with British Summers, the rain suddenly stopped and the groundstaff used the opportunity to run through their 'covers-off' procedure.

Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray and both Williams sisters were out practising at various times betwen the downpours.

One good thing about all the rain we have had so far: Henman Hill is looking lush. Good enough to play tennis on.

Serena Williams
Venus Williams
Novak Djokovic
3-D viewing available this year
Going to need a bigger pot
Flamin' June

The lushness of Henman Hill

The ground covers billow in the wind, giving the impression of rolling waves.

Groundstaff run through their 'covers-off' proceedure.

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